Supporting sports teams to recruit new stars and conduct competitive intelligence - any place, any time.

Supporting sports teams to recruit new stars and conduct competitive intelligence

Any place, Any time

SquadScout is an online sports scouting, recruitment and competitive intelligence tool designed by sports professionals, for sports professionals.

Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, the system is available online and on mobile, allowing your scouting network to work anywhere, anytime.

With versions tailored for international, first team and academy scouting across team sports such as soccer/football, basketball, hockey and rugby, the system is flexible and can be tailored to capture the information that matters to you quickly without development effort - making it easy to get up and running in a matter of hours. And with competitive monthly per scout pricing, why wouldn't you want to.

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Key Features


The main goal of SquadScout is to support busy scouting teams to capture information on players and teams. With access to customisable match and players reports, your scouts can write reports either online using their desktop computer or using their mobile phone or tablet.

Key to the system is customisable player types, scores and measures, allowing you to define what data matters to you and how you want to measure it. This data is then used to calculate automated player ratings to help you quickly identify hot talent for recruitment or players to analyse for up coming matches.

With both a personal calendar and shared team calendar as well as an electronic to do list, you can easily keep track of who needs to go where, quickly assigning follow ups and next steps.


Once you have identified hot talent from your scouting activities, you want to streamline the process of getting them recruited. To aid this we have developed a player database, that provides shared access to key player data to support recruitment decisions.

The player database allows for additional information to be added along side your recruitment target's player reports such as agent contacts, contract and salary details as well as rich media such as video analysis and match footage.

With a customisable recruitment pipeline, that allows you to model your recruitment process, as well as reports that help you see the top three players in each position, you can quickly answer questions from the board on who you recommend to sign and show them why.

Competitive Intelligence

Scouting activities are not all about player recruitment. Therefore, the SquadScout match reports are designed to allow rich competitive intelligence data to be added to support match strategy planning ahead of your games.

With data captured at both club and player level, you can quickly look up strengths and weaknesses, videos of set pieces and key plays, as well as past formations and substitution patterns without trawling through match reports and notes.

The system supports a range of configurable roles, including scout, video analyst, coach, etc, allowing different members of your team to add, access and make use of the key information you chose to share.

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